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Learn all things AppDynamics. At AppDynamics University, you’ll find the knowledge, instruction and guidance you need to become an AppDynamics champion in your organization.

In Action

AppDynamics in Action is designed for all AppDynamics users, regardless of role, to know how to troubleshoot common performance issues and be able to make adjustments to the out of the box configurations for a more customized view into your environment.


This self-paced course covers all three of the different levels and types of troubleshooting your teams are performing - troubleshooting during development, QA/ test periods, and production.


This course is designed to deepen your knowledge and hone your skills to more effectively troubleshoot complex application and environment issues. Students should come prepared to dive into actual application problems and solve them using AppDynamics’ troubleshooting best practices.


This self-paced course will introduce the student to the world of AppDynamics Administration both for On-Premise and SaaS deployment.


This free, online training resource gets you up and running fast. Master the four most common tasks —controller installation, application monitoring, troubleshooting, and configuration. Discover tips and techniques, learn at your own pace, and hit the ground running.

Tech Webinars

Learn how to get the most out of AppDynamics during our new Tech Webinar series. Each webinar is designed to help you troubleshoot common performance issues and customize your view into your application environment.

Webinars take place each Wednesday starting at 10am PT. After the 45 minute presentation, attendees are invited to ask questions about the specific instance during our office hours.

Learning Bytes

Got a minute? These 1- to 5-minute videos each present a detailed how-to on one specific topic. Learning Bytes are free online, and available 24/7. It’s a great way to get a refresher or explore a new feature whenever you have a few minutes to spare.